Vernal Emergence '22

*Vernal Emergence*

on february 18, we began an astrological shift into newness

the full moon in Virgo marked the last full moon of the astrological year, one last little dalliance with the death and darkness of winter before turning our eyes towards the first rays of the rising, returning sun

Virgo offered us an invitation of cleansing, the opportunity to shed whatever has been left clinging to us as we, like the tender shoots of nettle and dandelion, tentatively emerge from the deep dark

the vernal equinox on the 20th ushered us into a new astrological cycle as the first day we recognize as spring
for many witches-and witch adjacent folks-, this is the new year and we begin again in Aries, a sign that brings with it a cleansing fire that burns away the last of what was in order to make space for what will be

each of these portals reminds us that this is a time for cleansing long infusions made with spring greens and purifying spiritual baths steeped in spring water, and it is these intuitively crafted offerings that @susubotanica has chosen to share as we emerge from our long winter rest:

🌬Dancing Dust, Breathing Life is an earthy blend of rhassoul clay, nettles, milky oat tops and calendula come together to soothe winter skin in this mask and exfoliating scrub

🌿Reminding Me That I Am Full is a nourishing long infusion tea blend crafted with the nutrients needed to support us through springtime transitions. Long infuse nettles, red raspberry, alfalfa and chickweed to get both mineral and vitamin benefits from this tea

❤️To The Warm Heart Waiting is an adaptogenic & deeply nutritious elixir of nettles & tulsi coming together to offer us the minerals and vitamins we need, right where they’re needed

👩🏾‍🦱Our Hair Go Back, Be Loving Ourselves is the protective, softening our spirits & crowns need as we move into warmer seasons
bringing together nettles, rosemary and horsetail, this hair rinse and protective bath help us shed some of the dryness of winter and soothe our toughness