About Us

The SUSU Botanica

The SUSU offers a Botanica with a small selection of magical, ritual and divination items, elixirs, tinctures, spiritual baths, oils, dried herbs, and more. We support local and small BIPOC artists and healers and we create small batch products with our homegrown plancestor/friends. For this reason (along with, of course, sustainability, combatting environmental racism, etc.) We do not offer mass produced/ large quantity items. Our offerings are in season, local, and made with love, intention, and deep reverence when we feel inspired and aligned, There will always be a uniquely inspired suprise waiting there for you. Come visit the SUSU to check out whats in stock or purchase some of our items here.

Our Background Story

Naomi, Amber, and Lysa opened The SUSU Healing Collective in 2019 after a collective vision sparked by the wisdom of our ancestors to create a safer space for Black, Indigenous, People of Color and our allies to slowly begin the process of developing the tools, skills, nourishment, and commUNITY needed to build healthy intentional multiracial commUNITY and to heal from radicalized trauma. The SUSU Healing Collective offered yoga, sound healing, energy healing, herbal consultations, an afro indigenous botanica, a year long herbal allyship program and more. Due to COVID we had to shut down our physical space which also led our ancestors to fill us up with even more dreams and visions that they had planned for us.
Since then The SUSU Healing Collective has become the SUSU Botanica. The SUSU Botanica is a healing space that centers and affirms healing for Black, Indigenous, People of Color and the allies who ride with us by offering healing medicines, magickal, and self care items made by The SUSU commUNTIY Farm and eventually other local makers that we love so much. The intentions of our products we offer are not to perpetuate ageism, capitalism, or that there is something wrong with you just as you are right now. The intentions of the products we offer are to support you in:
  • Developing a nourishing relationship with our collective plant allies
  • Begin building agency and fostering intuition in your own body about your bodies needs and messages to you
  • Practice deeply loving and caring for yourself just as you are
  •  Healing from the inside out spiritually, mentally, emotionally, and sometimes physically
  • Having access to products that are made in a very intentional way with deep love and reverence for the land, organic natural safe beyond the pretend capitalist standards for ingredients, and contain no harmful chemicals (which means they won't last as long as something you might find at your local drugstore)

Our Mission

The SUSU Healing Collective's mission is to offer an affirming space for people to practice community reciprocity; The act of giving from a place of abundance and receiving  from a place of deep love and reverence while learning how to engage in community practices that dismantle systems of oppression and build systems of health, healing, wellness, and magic. The SUSU centers the voices, healing, and experiences of Black, Indigenous, People of Color and is committed to creating safer spaces for people to release trauma patterns of white supremacy, oppression, colonization, and westernized disconnection. We offer programs for all people who are ready and willing to begin or continue the path of transformation through accountability, connection, and spiritual practice. 

Our Values 

Practicing Reciprocity
Dismantling systems of oppression 
Magik as medicine
Centering practices, beliefs, & value systems of the diaspora
Self love, Self care, Self liberation
Healthy black narratives
Resistance thru plants, practice, and connection
Creating safer spaces
Supporting black stewardship & empowerment
Healing together
Collective Preservation
Creating and offering BIPOC owned and grown items that are natural, safe, and free of harmful chemicals and preservatives state sanctioned or otherwise.