Brimming Golden
The SUSU Healing Collective

Brimming Golden

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raspberry & carrot seed combine in this sun balancing oil, infused under the solstice. call upon this oil when you are in direct sun and want to protect your skin from harmful exposure without introducing harsh chemicals.

raspberry seed oil supports with their strong, natural SPF while herbs like calendula, chamomile & rose bring a cooling balance to the sun's warmth. 

use a small amount to coat skin or exposed parts of body. allow to set in to skin before going in water. can be used during direct sun exposure or after. 


the title of this product was inspired by the following poem:

The Road

by Helene Johnson

Ah, little road all whirry in the breeze,
A leaping clay hill lost among the trees,
The bleeding note of rapture streaming thrush
Caught in a drowsy hush
And stretched out in a single singing line of dusky song.
Ah little road, brown as my race is brown,
Your trodden beauty like our trodden pride,
Dust of the dust, they must not bruise you down.
Rise to one brimming golden, spilling cry!