Florida Water
Florida Water
Florida Water
Florida Water
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Florida Water

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f l o r i d a  w a t e r

a bottle of summer blessings to cleanse your home your tools your altar, a break from winter to help lift the mood and lighten the heart

floor washes, room spray, a stand in for smoke cleansing

like van-van, Florida water is a botanica staple despite its less than ancestral origins

cleansing waters in and of themselves, however, are an indigenous spiritual technology utilized all through the diaspora to aid in workings, cleansing and prayers

dreaming up our own blend, securing the ingredients, listening for guidance from elders and ancestors, crafting the formula in a sacred space on a sacred day...
each of these elements is a magical contribution to the creation of this sacred water, crafted by our loving hands here in Vermont

the scent of our blend is more citrus, less floral, strong enough to add to your floor wash but safe enough to wear on your skin

made with organic ingredients and lots of love

This is a 2 oz container